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Samsung Galaxy S 4 wireless charging pad, cover arrive in US with Qi standard

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We already knew Samsung’s latest flagship would eventually support wireless charging and a month after launch, it does. On Thursday, Samsung announced the availability of both a wireless charging pad and back cover for the Samsung Galaxy S 4. With the cover attached, the phone can rest on the plugged-in charging pad to top off the battery inside.

galaxy s 4 charging padFor the complete wireless charging combo, you’ll need to ante up $90: the cover is $39.99 while the charging pad itself is another $49.99 outlay. That might sound high, but the pad itself isn’t limited to the Galaxy S 4; the cover is, however.

Since Samsung is using the Qi wireless power standard, any mobile device that also supports Qi can be recharged on the pad. That also means if you have a Qi charging pad already, you can just purchase the cover for your Galaxy S 4.

That’s probably the best news of all here: Samsung isn’t using a proprietary wireless charging solution. There are a number of Qi covers for iPhones(s aapl) and other Android(s goog) devices that can be used with this charging pad. Granted, the device isn’t truly wireless since the charging pad must be connected to a wall outlet, but it’s easy to pick up your phone and go when there are no wires attached to the handset.

6 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy S 4 wireless charging pad, cover arrive in US with Qi standard”

  1. any news on whether or not the galaxy will have a charging phone cover like the Mophie which is available for the iPhone? Those are incredibly convenient

  2. hello Kevin !
    I am too much excited to have samsung galaxy S4 and all its accessories. You are absolutely right that this is a sensational news that there is now wireless charging pad as well as its back plate.
    Thank you so much for updating us. Keep posting updates.

  3. PhUZZy

    And of course there’s the Nokia Lumia range with inbuilt/Optional Qi charging.
    (Nokia is about to release a Wireless Car holder but no idea if it will hold the large S4

  4. Are there any Qi wireless phone holders for cars? That’s where I would see wireless charging being useful. For the house I don’t find plugging a cord into a phone to be all that burdensome of a task that I would have any interest in even spending $5.00 for the feature. But in a car it would be very useful.