Samsung Galaxy S 4 update adds more user storage, app installs on SD cards

Galaxy S 4 featured

When the 16 GB version of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 launched, users were disappointed to find that only a little more than half of the user accessible storage was freely available. It’s normal to expect a device’s software to use some of the internal storage, but of the 16 GB flash memory, only 9.15 GB were free. Samsung appears to have taken the valid criticism to heart and is rolling out a software update to address the situation.

Samsung move apps to SDSam Mobile notes that in Germany, Galaxy S 4 owners are receiving the new software with a fix. After the update, users will have 9.23 GB of free space — not a big deal but the second piece of the update should help a bit.

Applications can be stored on a microSD card thanks to the new software changes. Android itself used to support such a feature but it was removed. Essentially, Samsung has added it back to its own device, which gives the microSD card slot much more value.

There’s more in the update besides the data storage solution however. HDR video is now supported, the status bar is semi-transparent, Smart Pause gains a toggle switch, and the device gets new Camera firmware.

Samsung hasn’t officially mentioned the new software update so there’s no news on availability in other countries. Given the understandable disappointment in free storage for the 16 GB models of the phone, however, I don’t expect Samsung to wait too long to get this update out globally.


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