Poll: Android users, what version are you running?


Earlier this week, I noted that Google’s fragmentation issues with Android are close to disappearing. That article prompted a few dissenting responses with valid points: There are still prepaid phones selling with Android 2.3, for example. Still, Google’s data suggests that these phones are quickly becoming part of the minority when it comes to Android versions. I’ll have more to say on why and what that means in an upcoming post.

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Some have questioned Google’s data, particularly because the company changed the way it tracks Android version data in aggregate. A few months ago, Google started looking at version numbers of Android devices hitting the Google Play store; prior to that it would check whenever a device hit Google’s servers. I actually prefer the new method because the data is really meant for developers. And if I were a developer, I’d want to know what devices are actively seeking apps.

In any case, mainly as an exercise in curiosity, here’s a poll for Android device owners to tell us what version of Android they’re currently running on the Android device they use the most.

For many that’s a smartphone, but it could also be a tablet. And to keep things simple, let’s ignore the various sub-versions and stick with the base — or named — versions of Android. Of course, I’m always happy to welcome more discussion on how big a problem Android fragmentation is or isn’t, depending on your point of view.

I also realize that our more tech-saavy audience could be better informed on Android’s version issues, so the results may be skewed towards Android 4.0 and up. Still, I’m wondering if people either still see many fragmentation issues or experience them on their own Android devices.

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