Hulu updates its iPad app with new UI, tons of tweaks that keep those streams rolling

Hulu just rolled out a massive update to its iPad app that includes a new UI design as well as a bunch of tweaks to the app. The new version 3.0 of the Hulu Plus iPad app, which popped up in the App Store Thursday, more closely mirrors the UI that Hulu has been using on the web since it relaunched its site a year ago, and it adds a bunch of features that should make it easier to discover new content.

Check out a first screenshot of the new app below:


Two tweaks are particularly interesting about the new app: It allows users to minimize a video and keep it playing while they’re looking for new content — something that could help to keep people watching longer. And small clips can even be viewed inline, meaning that users will have an easier time to test a show or view a trailer while they’re navigating through the app.

Also worth noting is the addition of editorially curated collections, which present videos to subjects like “May’s 30 Best TV Moments,” “Comfort Food” and “E3 Preview.”