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Crowd funded: The Nikola Tesla statue officially coming to Silicon Valley

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The Kickstarter project that touched a nerve about the short term-thinking of VCs, was officially funded on Sunday, and Silicon Valley will now be getting a life-sized bronze statue of Nikola Tesla, the inventor that was the bedrock for modern electricity, and wireless communications, among other things. The project was able to raise $127,260 from 722 backers, and will be built in Palo Alto, just after the off-ramp of Page Mill Road.

The creator of the Kickstarter campaign, Dorrian Porter, wanted to commission the statue as a tribute to Nikola Tesla, who’s inventions changed the world fundamentally, but who never sustained personal wealth in his lifetime. Electric car company Tesla Motors (s TSLA) was also named after the inventor.

Along with the campaign, Porter created an animated video (embedded below) showing what it could have been like if Nikola Tesla pitched VCs in this day in age. The video highlights the Valley funding bubble and investors’ knee-jerk reaction to entrepreneurs and startups that are trying to think outside of the box of the typical VC timeline and scale.

Favorite line: “Wait, this is the deal that Larry’s in?”

Porter writes on his website:

The statue will be a permanent testament in the heart of the Silicon Valley to the genius of Tesla and his influence on wireless, energy and creativity.

And hopefully it will remind the entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley to think bigger.

2 Responses to “Crowd funded: The Nikola Tesla statue officially coming to Silicon Valley”

  1. The statue of Lenin in Seattle is still for sale. It should be purchased and moved to the median on Sand Hill Road, just east of 80. Just for fun.