What you missed on Pro: what’s with the Xbox One, OpenStack, and data analytics


Microsoft announced its Xbox One at a flashy press event last week, but what does the new console really mean for the industry? Over on GigaOM Pro, our analysts have long-term analysis of the consumer gaming landscape, as well as deep dives into important topics in the big data and cloud markets.

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Cloud: The new building blocks for IT: OpenStack, continuous delivery, and devops
Jo Maitland

With the continued rise of devops and continuous deployment, IT organizations face growing infrastructure challenges. Analyst Jo Maitland specifically explores how OpenStack can be used as a cloud platform that supports the growing and ever-changing needs of a modern and agile technology enterprise. Maitland provides an overview of the OpenStack community, a brief case study, and a list of trends to watch and key takeaways for any company interested in OpenStack as a cloud solution.

Connected Consumer: Flash analysis: Xbox One
Michael Wolf

Is the Xbox One really a game-changer? Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s May 21 event, analyst Michael Wolf asked GigaOM readers for their initial thoughts on the Xbox One, Microsoft’s first new console in nearly 7 years. While initial reactions were mixed (only a third of respondents felt the Xbox One was a strong successor to the Xbox 360), more than sixty percent of respondents noted that they planned to buy an Xbox One in the near future, although Wolf cautions that buyer interest is not necessarily an indicator of success or failure for the device. The report also analyses the competitive and strategic differentiators that the Xbox One’s new features bring to the market, and goes on to gauge reader sentiment about the future of the console market at large.

Data: How big data analytics drives competitive advantage
Benjamin Woo

Still looking for a data scientist?  There might be a temporary solution for you: analyst Benjamin Woo provides an overview of the evolving big data analytics market and ecosystem, often referred to as “insight as a service.” As companies struggle to hire their own in-house talent, companies providing insight as a service provide a vital stopgap measure, providing actionable results and a breakdown of other key data points. Woo provides an overview of how businesses can best capitalize on this new breed of big data analytics providers, and what types of information may be best gathered.

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