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ICYMI podcasts: Chrome gaming, IoT security and a D11 recap

On the weekly GigaOM Chrome Show, Chris Albrecht wirelessly pairs his iPhone(s aapl) with the Chrome(s goog) browser to play a virtual game of Skee ball. Google created the fun experiment to show how web apps are maturing and how they can take advantage of phone sensors: In this game, the iPhone acts like the ball; you swing your arm to “toss” it. Ever the workaholic (not really!), Kevin talks through the latest features found in the Chrome OS beta channel.

This week’s Internet of Things podcast finds host Stacey Higginbotham chatting with Woody Bensen, a general partner with Prism VentureWorks and a managing director of IoTWorks about connected device security. Standards for this may not come through traditional tech channels as vertical markets may have a say. And on the GigaOM Weekly Wrapup show, Tom Krazit recaps his multi-day experience at the D11 event while the team shares their list of cloud computing trailblazers. Oh, and there’s little show called Arrested Development that garners some discussion too!

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