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Good move: HTC reportedly scraps Windows RT tablet plans

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Earlier in May, HTC was rumored to be entering the Microsoft(s msft) Windows RT tablet market and now, just a few weeks later, those plans are over. Citing people familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reported HTC’s change in course on Thursday due to weak demand for Windows RT. Instead, the company is expected to move forward on a 7-inch Android(s goog) tablet.

Acer Iconia W510I didn’t like the idea of an HTC Windows RT slate for several reasons. First, while the Windows RT product does suit some people’s needs very well, there’s no indication it’s a big seller or that there’s a huge market for such a device. Part of the problem is the cost: For about the same price, consumers can buy a full Windows 8 tablet with similar battery life.

And HTC simply doesn’t have the experience with Windows to engineer a hit right now. In 2007, the company created a Windows hybrid, the HTC Shift, that flopped outside of geek circles. (Sadly, I’m in those circles!)

I realize HTC is trying to diversify its product line. It did just that, albeit in a small way, earlier today with a “Nexus Experience” version of the HTC One. But Windows RT isn’t yet a horse I’d back in this race if I were HTC. A few weeks ago I said:

“A better idea for HTC might be to get its smartphone house in order. It’s definitely on the right path with the HTC One; it’s a top-notch Android smartphone. If the phone is successful, I supposed the company could re-invest profits into designing a Windows tablet or two, but it might be better to continue improving the smartphone line first.”

For the moment, Android is both hurting and helping HTC. It helps because it allowed the company to stand out a few years ago as an early Android adopter. But now, Samsung’s Android strategy is sucking most of the profits from this smartphone market, no matter how good the HTC One is. A 7-inch Android tablet might not be a standout product either — we already have the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire(s amzn) and others — but at least the Android tablet market has a big lead on market for the Windows RT slates.

4 Responses to “Good move: HTC reportedly scraps Windows RT tablet plans”

  1. lamien

    They should have just gone Atom instead to compete with the upcoming Acer that leaked recently.

    Better yet, HTC should hold off for Baytrail & 8.1

  2. Kindroid

    HTC needs to double down on its Android phone market. It’s on a roll with the HTC One. When you bleeding like HTC is….you have to put a tourniquet on the limb(s) that hemorrhaging the most, if you hope to save the rest of the body.

  3. Evan Jacobs

    I disagree with your assessment. Android tablets are a much more crowded market and HTC has a better chance of moving units running Windows RT (will be much improved in only a month’s time with 8.1 reaching public preview) than fighting Google, Samsung et. all in a race to the bottom.

    RT will catch on in 2014, mark my words.