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Apple sneaks out a new 16GB iPod touch without a rear camera

A new mobile device popped up for sale on Apple’s website over night. But don’t get too excited, it’s not a smartphone or a tablet: it’s a new, oddly basic version of the fifth-generation iPod touch.

The 16GB iPod differs from its fifth-generation touchscreen iPod brethren in that it only comes in two basic colors (black and white), has a front-facing camera (for FaceTime) but lacks a rear camera for photos and a lanyard loop. Other than that, it appears to be the same as the 32GB and 64GB versions of the iPod touch released in October: it has a 4-inch Retina display and a dual-core A5 chip inside. It is selling for $229 and available now.

The timing seems a bit random, and it didn’t even merit a press release, simply a “new” tag on Apple’s website.

Apple tends to introduce new hardware lineups simultaneously. But this is the second time this year that a single model from a lineup has popped up alone: in January, three months after debuting a new line of iPads, Apple suddenly released a 128GB iPad with Retina display.

8 Responses to “Apple sneaks out a new 16GB iPod touch without a rear camera”

  1. I didn’t realise until I wanted to take a picture that it had no rear camera. By that time I had already Bought apps like Garageband for it meaning I’m stuck with it now >:( It might be bad but I’m going to stick with Blackberries now cos at least I KNEW what I was buying.

    • Marc Enriquez

      Same here I asked what the cheapest ipod 5 they have but they never told me it didnt have a rear camera, so im a little mad cuz i cant take pictures the right way

  2. Joe A

    If they’d snuck out a 128GB model instead, I’d be ordering one right now. ____That said, having an entry level model for people as a way to bring more people into the iOS ecosystem seems like a sound decision. However, lacking the rear-facing camera will significantly limit the usefulness for many people, since it basically eliminates the ability to use apps like Instagram and others. Obviously photo apps aren’t everything, but they are probably at least significant enough to many people to make this a dealbreaker, even at the reduced cost. A used last-gen model is probably a better deal for most.

  3. good, the old camera wasn’t worth taking photos with anyway, so removing it and adding a better chassis, faster processor, better screen, and new earpods should be a welcome change to the lineup.

  4. Michael Grant

    Gee, how uninspiring. Except for the camera, this thing is basically no different than my 5 year old iPod touch. What a waste.

    • It’s obviously not meant to entice current owners. But it’s less expensive and may appeal to people who don’t have an ipod touch already.