Countering targeted attacks with active defense strategies


Firewalls block basic attacks on your network and antivirus scanners filter known offenders, and no enterprise should operate without them. Still, focused attackers and zero-day exploits make short work of entrenched perimeter defenses, and every business should expect to be breached. To cope with these attacks, IT should build an additional layer of active analysis and mitigation.

Our panel will address these questions:

  • What are the limits of perimeter defenses?
  • What are the differences among passive and active defense strategies?
  • How can IT identify and mitigate zero-day and targeted attacks?
  • What are the financial implications of implementing active defenses?
  • What level of response to an attack is appropriate?
  • How should businesses share security data with trusted partners, consultants and the government?
  • How should businesses choose security partners?

Our speaker lineup includes:

Register here to join GigaOM Research and our sponsor Crowdstrike for “Countering targeted attacks with active defense strategies,” a free analyst roundtable webinar on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 10:00 a.m. PT.

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