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Changes ahead: more details on how iOS 7 will look

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As the calendar ticks down to Apple’s first public event since October 2012, more details are starting to emerge regarding what the company will present. It’s fairly clear WWDC 2013 will primarily be about software, for both iOS and Mac OS X. And a new report contains some hints about the coming visual overhaul to iOS.

9to5Mac, which earlier reported that iOS 7 would get a new look with “very, very flat design” and see some default iOS apps get a refresh, has a report with far more detail about the coming changes. The sources are anonymous and obviously final decisions are still yet to be made. Still, the report is a good indication that we’re not going to get the same old iOS this year.

It’s a long piece filled with many details, but a few of the more interesting slated changes include:

  • User interface functions, like the slide-to-unlock bar, the textured background of the drop-down Notifications menu, and the tappable app icons will all be subtly upgraded visually.
  • Basic Apple apps, like Calendar, Notes, GameCenter, Mail will get a unified black and white look and be differentiated mostly by a third color.
  • The Weather app is getting an upgrade with more features.
  • Over-the-top real-world animations, like the shredder that animates when a Passbook ticket is deleted, will go away.

In all, it’s about what we’ve been expecting. Nothing too drastic, but a thorough refresh that will be the first major visual upgrade to the operating system in its six years of existence.

It’s also been reported that in order to do this, the iOS team has been scrambling to finish the project and has pulled members of the OS X software team over to help it meet its deadline. It’s not clear what effect that may have on the timely release of the desktop OS, which is expected to be released later this summer or fall.

6 Responses to “Changes ahead: more details on how iOS 7 will look”

  1. Well the apple map still stinks! And there is no mention of it being brought back to its glory days. Location, names, data is still messed up. If I remember right they fired the VP who messed up the maps. Certainly you can blame Tom Tom maps for the problems everyone keeps reporting that never gets fixed. However I would imagine that Apple would care about its reputation enough to part ways and bring back some of the better aspects before that horrible IOS update! I would want nothing to do with Tom Tom in the future and the whole press conference about apple encouraging end users to use competing map aps seems to be more than a stop gap, but a permanent reality.

  2. Prateek Mathur

    I feel they want to attract people back to iOS that is why they are kind of revamping it but whether it will work in their favor or not can only be told after the update comes. Hope they have something great in store for the customers.

    • Noku Rukakikika

      They sell more and more iOS devices every year. Who exactly do they need to attract “back to iOS?” Android’s growth has come at the expense of everyone else, mostly Nokia and BlackBerry. Both Android and iOS continue to grow.

  3. Sigh, I have an iPhone because I hate the look of the windows tiles, to me it’s like they paid a bunch of 5 year olds to design it, I really hope apples doesn’t go the same way.

  4. Greg Malone

    Gone are the days when Apple was pumping it out, amazing population, and innovating like nobody else. Maybe I’m just dreaming, but, probably in the distant future, Apple might even try to improve the functionality of its core apps, especially the iWork apps. Oh, and how about making iPads really easy to manage for teachers in classrooms and students alike! No, never mind, that’s too obvious a of need. Apple must deal with cosmetics now and into the foreseeable future. Shame.

  5. Tyll Parker

    “Wonderful!” Flat, 2-D, less visual interest…Comrades, I have seen the future…and it is BORING. Good luck if the leaked reports are accurate. I won’t “upgrade” to that iOS. Respectfully submitted