TINYpulse is a small and simple anonymous feedback tool

I bumped into TINYpulse in a Fast Company article about tools that entrepreneurs can’t live without. Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz said TINYpulse was his.

The tool collates the results from anonymous surveys sent out to employees, intended for weekly use. In the first week, three questions are asked, and thereafter a single question. These questions are not created by the user, presumably the boss or HR head of the company. They are designed by TINYhr, the company behind TINYpulse, which has amassed the questions it uses from research with managers and executives.

TINYpulse also asks users for kudos: who has recently helped them or raised their spirits. These can be anonymous or acknowledged.

Here’s the first weeks results (I didn’t actually sign in as five imaginary employees, but you get the idea).

Screenshot on 2013-05-23 at 07.24.53

Very commonly, users of TINYpulse will send out the results companywide with a scorecard like this:



TINYpulse reminds me of 15five (see “Feedback, coaching, and deliberate practice in a busy world“), a company that is also focused on a weekly metronome for company feedback but instead of surveys 15five focuses on short structured reports. (15five contacted me, and I will be getting a demo soon).

With amazingly lightweight tools like these there is simply no reason not to move to a measured understanding of what the mood of the company is and to share that.