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Adios, Dora: Netflix is starting to take Viacom shows offline

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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Don’t ask Netflix (s NFLX) subscribers: The video service removed Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Blue’s Clues  and other animated Nickeolodeon fare from its streaming library this week as its licensing agreement with Viacom (s VIA) is expiring. Also gone are shows like iCarly, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore and the Sarah Silverman Show.

Netflix had announced in April that it wasn’t going to renew its broad licensing deal with Viacom. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said at the time that his company was in talks with Viacom to possibly strike separate deals for specific shows. A Netflix spokesperson told us Thursday that the company doesn’t have any news to share on that front.

Netflix’s previous deal with Viacom included titles from Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, VH1, Logo and Spike. In a position paper on the future of his company, Hastings said in April that Netflix was using a whole lot of data to evaluate these kinds of deals before deciding to renew them:

“We might pay, for example, $200,000 for a 4 year exclusive subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) license for a given title. At the time of renewal, we evaluate how much the title has been viewed as well as member rating feedback to determine how much we are willing to pay. How many similar titles we have is also a consideration.”

Netflix doesn’t share any of its ratings with the outside world, but the company has made it clear in the past that kids are a very important audience, which even deserved a dedicated UI to further encourage their viewing. And the company recently added a bunch of additional kids content from Disney (s DIS) Junior to its service.

As for the Viacom fare, it’s possible that there may be hope for Dora or any of the other more popular kids shows to return to the service sooner or later. Fans of Teen Mom on the other hand may have to look elsewhere.

This story was updated at 5:45 pm with a mention of Netflix’s new Disney content.

103 Responses to “Adios, Dora: Netflix is starting to take Viacom shows offline”

  1. Sandra

    I may be leaving Netflix myself. My children are under the age of 6 and they live blues clues and Dora. They always watch sponge bob too, and that alone may cause me to leave. They have hideousovie selections when their is the alternative of amazon premium. Amazon actually has all the shows and better movies than Netflix too.

  2. Brandon

    This family is done with Netflix after this crap… I always knew Amazon was better anyway. Hope you lose a bunch of customers!!!!

  3. Carrie

    It is so hard to explain to a 3 year old who has been watching Dora every day for months now that it is gone!! We pretty much paid the $8.65 a month just for Dora!!!

    • Sandra

      I know. My 3yr old keeps insisting on Dora. We finally subscribed to Amazon premier since they do have all those shows. This is just like time Warner taking away shows.

  4. The other cartoons that you have substituted are not NEARLY as educational as the ones you’ve taken away. I refuse to let my learning daughter watch CRAP cartoons that she can get nothing out of other than how to be a brat. GOODBYE NETFLIX.

  5. Steve

    well I just saw that Dora and all the other Nick shows are now on amazon video…so I am gonna sign up for a prime account today and ditch Netflix next month if I am happy with amazon video. they should have never let this happen!!!

  6. Janice Stamm-Zinck

    I really hope they renew that contract with viacom and bring back the nick shows. My daughter loves Dora and Diego and is really upset that she can’t watch it anymore..We don’t have cable so we relied on netflix. Please bring it back.

  7. It goes further than just a bunch of upset kids that their favorite shows are gone. These top shows like Dora, Diego, and Yo Gaba Gaba are a part of a huge educational system. It really needs to be restored for parents like I who cant afford dvds of everything. Its quick easy and on the go. These shows have taught my daughter her abcs, counting, spanish and lots more. Without them on netflix im afraid we will have to find new shows. But none of them are as fun as these are. Please figure out what you need to, but realize for the good of the families who use netflix for this purpose and it helps the children so much, make a new deal.

  8. helen

    My 2yo little girl is sad because Diego is gone, its a sad day indeed when educational shows like Diego and Dora are removed . Cable doesn’t show Diego very Much and that’s the favorite in my house. I relied on Netflix for whenever my little girl asked for Diego. I mainly have Netflix for my kids and don’t see much of a reason to keep it if they take away the shows they like the most ! Here’s hoping they make a deal on Dora and Diego soon

  9. Carolina

    Shame on Netflix..Same as cable and Direct TV…They could care less about their customers. Watch out a charge increase will be next !

  10. I have the same issue. Only really have netflix for the kiddos. My 2 year old loves Dora, and for all you people who don’t have kids and are shaking your heads going your 2 year old shouldn’t be watching Dora. Well you obliviously never sat down and watched the show before, because I have used the Dora 3 steps to get my kids to listen and it works! Please bring Dora back, Or I will have to switch to dish!

  11. Michael

    No doubt Viacom got greedy when it came time to renew. Netflix has to hold their ground if they are going to remain affordable. The cable companies all give in to the greed of the media companies and pass it on to us. Comcast and DirecTV are about $100 a month now for decent package of channels

  12. Please intend to address this issue and put Diego back for my 3 year old son. He recently turn 3 on May 26. And on he’s birthday party all the decoration was about Diego including his birthday cake that I personally made for him which it took me 2 days to be completed it was an art work i ended up exhausted as you can imaged. And when we got home after celebrating his birthday and he wanted to watch an episode of his favorite carton show (Diego). It was no longer on netflex. Please i would not like to be add on the list of customers leaving Netflix. Netflix is leaving me without an alternative .