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Survey: Share your thoughts on Microsoft’s Xbox One

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This Tuesday, Microsoft announced the Xbox One, which the company is calling an “all in one home entertainment system.” Through voice and gesture commands, users will be able to stream music, watch live TV, play games, and access apps. Is this the future of the living room or mere hype? We ask you, GigaOM readers, to weigh in with your thoughts.

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4 Responses to “Survey: Share your thoughts on Microsoft’s Xbox One”

  1. Robert Pope

    My name is Robert Wayne Pope and I live in Pahrump NV. I love videogames, but as i have been getting older, I have had less and less time to play. I don’t know if this idea has been thrown-out-there, but if it hasn’t, I would like to know how to tell creators. As games have been evolving, creators have been trying to find ways to involve players in the experiences more and more. As I was playing COD:Modern Warefare on Vetran mode, an idea popped into my head. I would like to pass this idea onto xbox one before it tranverses the market.

    The idea is simple. It will change the way we play first person shooter games forever. As i was playing the game, I said, “I wish i could look around cormers without exposing my whole person”.

    Wa-la. What if we used the new built in kinect sensor and controler so that we may simply tip the controler to the right or the left and the character does the same, only exposing the characters head and gun around corners like is done in real life.

    My e-mail is [email protected]. Someone please make this idea viral or tell me that i am behind the curve.

    The Older Gamer

  2. I’ve written extensively about the Xbox One (achievements too) and I’m taking a definite “wait and see” attitude before truly judging it. We have yet to see the most interesting thing to gamers, which are VIDEOGAMES, and we know going in that Microsoft is spending upwards of $1 billion to develop hit AAA games, and that includes 15 exclusives and 8 all-new IP. Until we see these games, how can one truly judge the console?

    I think Microsoft did make a big mistake by focusing on TV in this modern day and age where 20-somethings like me are getting further and further away from giving a rip about television. They watch shows through other means besides traditional TV service (cable, satellite, etc.). Most of my friends do not even have their cable turned on, just Internet. No one cares anymore. We have videogames and we have the Internet, if we really want to watch a show we will watch it on netflix, buy it on DVD/bluray, subscribe to Amazon Prime, buy it through iTunes, purchase it on our Xbox 360 or PS3, or download it via a torrent or a streaming site like

    So this was the WRONG event to pimp television. Having said that, what they are doing is cool and I welcome having voice-activation built into the console and the gesture system is neat. The channel switching is also interesting as is the multi-tasking with apps. But until we see the games, we can’t properly compare it to the PS4. I was just happy to see the fact that recording and sharing your gameplay will be possible on Xbox One and PS4, making Let’s Plays an acceptable and encouraged part of the future (I hope).

    As for right now, my most anticipated console is a Wii U, and it’ll be my next purchase. I must have my new Mario, Zelda, Metroid and I’m extremely hyped to see what NIntendo has in the cards.

  3. Dannyson97

    I favor the Wii honestly. It’s the only one trying to distance it’s self from the compition and gaming alternatives. The xbox 1 is trying to be all these things yet can’t be a Xbox 360. Why use a Xbox 1 when I can use a computer, or smartphone. Also some of the add on’s are not very useful, or impractical.

  4. realjjj

    Got to point out that saving gameplay videos online is not “cloud gaming” in any way for or shape and console gamers are not all that hardcore, the for the PC.
    You should also notice that consoles going x86 might help PC gaming and that the timing for consoles is so wrong with 4k screens getting to acceptable price points a lot faster than expected while the new consoles are so far away from being able to do 4k gaming.