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Google officially launches its music subscription service at Google I/O

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Google took the wraps off its long-rumored music subscription service at its Google I/O developer conference Wednesday, which is dubbed Google Play Music All Access. “Music unites us, it’s universal,” Chris Yerga, Android Engineering Director, said when he introduced the service during Wednesday’s keynote. “But what if we gave you access to millions of songs?”

The service will be available on Android devices as well as on the web. It’s priced $9.99, and will roll out today. Users who start their trial by June 30th will get a reduced price of $7.99 per month.

All Access will have a kind of radio mode that automatically generates playlists based on the songs people listen to, similarly to Google’s music locker service but obviously with a much larger catalog. “This is radio without rules. It’s as leanback as you want to or as interactive as you want to,” Yerga said.

Notably absent from the announcement was any mention of the record labels that Google was able to sign contracts with. Also no mention of any of Google’s streaming subscription service competitors, or ways Google wants to differentiate itself from Spotify & Co.

6 Responses to “Google officially launches its music subscription service at Google I/O”

  1. T3X Radio Magazine

    All these streaming services have one major flaw which will be their downfall… they are location restricted. I’ll stick to MyCloudPlayer
    1. its FREE
    2. more music since its powered by SoundCloud
    3. i can use everywhere

  2. guest

    Hey Janko… read what you wrote. Two typos in the first sentence. Warp instead of wrap and wich instead of which. Geez man, you’re a professional writer… I couldn’t even get past the errors.

    • Tom Krazit

      Thanks for calling our attention to the typos, they are fixed. Typos happen when working quickly. Given that you made it all the way down to the comment section to leave this comment, seems like you were able to get past the errors.