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iOS app team behind Clear takes a shot at photos app, Analog Camera

Yes, there is another iOS camera app getting ready to hit the App Store. But before dismissing Analog Camera as unnecessary in the world of Camera+, Instagram, Facebook’s own Camera app and countless others, it’s at least worth checking out based purely on the team behind it. Analog Camera was created by Realmac Software and the same team who created the elegant and useful Clear task-organizing app.

The app isn’t available just yet. But Realmac put up a website today with a very brief video showing how it works and what it will look like.

[vimeo 65591661 w=500 h=281]

Realmac founder Dan Counsell told me via email that the camera app “was built with the same principles of Clear in mind.” That means employing a very simple user interface, flat, uncluttered design and an app that’s focused on one main thing; in this case taking and sharing photos.

Analog Camera - FilterAnalog Camera is a good-looking app. Yes, it includes filters like every other photo app, but it also allows for a quick succession of shots to be taken. Then there’s a grid for helping to more easily select the best shot taken and best filter.

Analog Camera also includes easy sharing within the app to Facebook(s FB) and Twitter; so it’s a camera app with social features, but unlike Instagram does not come with its own attached social network.

Realmac expects Analog Camera to hit the iOS App Store “later this month.”

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