Aereo will launch in Atlanta in June, and is changing its pricing plans everywhere

Aereo, the service that lets users watch and store over-the-air TV on their phones and computers, is coming to Atlanta in June, the company announced Tuesday. Customers who have pre-registered can access it on June 17, with open access available on June 24.

The launch is part of Aereo’s planned rollout in 22 cities. Aereo arrives in Boston tomorrow. Until now, it’s only been available in the New York City area.

Aereo is facing a number of legal battles, with television networks like Fox and CBS suing to shut it down. But the company has forged ahead and says it may soon add a movie channel and a free news channel.

Ahead of its Boston launch, Aereo also changed its pricing plans on Monday: Annual and daily subscriptions are no longer available. Instead, customers can choose from two monthly plans: $8 per month to store 20 hours of programming, and $12 per month to store 60 hours.