With $3.5M in funding, Any.DO proves an “Android first” app strategy can pay off

I’ve known for some time that Any.DO is one of the best task management applications on the market. Now a team of investors have shown they do as well: On Monday, Any.DO announced $3.5 million in seed funding led by Genesis Partners and with participation from current investors Innovation Endeavors (Eric Schmidt’s fund), Joe Lonsdale, Blumberg Capital and Joe Greenstein.

Any.DO is a standout for a number of reasons, but one of the most interesting is that it debuted on Android(s goog), not iOS(s aapl). The simple but elegant mobile app appeared in 2011 and I quickly took to it on my Android. What stood out to me was the excellent design and interface; something that most Android apps didn’t share at the time. Any.DO only got better from there, launching on iOS in June 2012 and, most recently adding the Any.DO Moment feature that helps plan each day:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/59882957]

I had a brief email conversation with Any.DO’s CEO and founder, Omer Perchik, and although he wouldn’t provide a detailed user breakdown, he told me the app still has more users on Android than on iOS. However, according to Onavo Insights, Any.DO was the most used “to do list” app on iOS in the U.S. during the month of March, beating out other well-known names such as Remember the Milk, Wunderlist and AnyList to name a few.

AnyDO March stats

Besides a version of Any.DO for Android and iOS, the company also offers a Chrome extension that keeps tasks in sync between your desktop browser and your mobile phone. Now flush with some cash, what’s next for Any.DO? I asked Perchik if Windows Phone 8(s msft) or BlackBerry 10(s bbry) would be the next likely platform target, but he wouldn’t bite.

“The next step of the company is to continue focusing on growth and becoming a more and more vital part of people’s everyday lives,” he told me. So I’ll add an Any.DO task to watch for more announcements.