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Following the money in health tech: accelerators galore nationwide

The tech hubs on the coasts aren’t the only places where innovation in digital health is taking root. Last month, four new health technology startup programs made headlines, including a new Healthbox program in Jacksonville, Fla., the Dreamit Health accelerator in Philadelphia and the Health Wildcatters in Dallas, Tex.  (This week, The Iron Yard in Greenville, S.C. also jumped on the bandwagon.)

For technology to make meaningful improvements in health care, it has to penetrate communities across the country — so it’s a positive sign that digital health hubs are popping up nationwide (even though it could intensify the much-discussed “Series A crunch.”)

In total, April was an off-the-charts month for health technology funding, according to data from Startup Health. The sector raised a total of $322.72 million, which is an increase of 404 percent over the same period last year.

Here’s a quick look at last month’s activity: