Azendoo is solving a major problem

I had a short conversation today with two of the founders of Azendoo, the cooperative work tool I reviewed here recently (see “Azendoo is one of the first cooperative work tools“). In today’s discussion they expanded on one of the major attractions of the tool: its integration with the leading shared files tools, like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Evernote. Now, every user of Azendoo might not use all of these tools personally, but while working with others on projects, each participant can upload documents from whatever file tool they personally use, and Azendoo acts as a file broker. This is a great example of cooperative work: The participants don’t have to agree to use a single file-sharing tool. Each can continue to use whatever he or she wants, based on what works best for them individually.

I hadn’t really looked very closely at the Evernote integration, but I did today. Evernote documents can be attached to messages  and tasks:



Here’s the task with the attachment:


When you click on the attachment, it pops up in an Evernote-provided share display.

The second integration is the optional exporting of tasks into an Evernote document:



While the note published into Evernote can be edited, and the check box ticked off, that is not reflected back into the task on Azendoo: it’s just a document export. (I had hoped that it would be more like the tasks implemented by Work [etc] in their Evernote implementation.)

I am not a regular user of Evernote, so I would be more likely to use a feature that allowed me to print my task list into a PDF or RTF document. But Evernote users would obviously like this feature as is, or augmented to support the backwards syncing of checked off tasks.