Age old questions answered: Star Wars beats Star Trek, engineers like beer


You have to hand it to Zend. That company has its priorities straight. It asks its constituency of PHP developers really important questions like: What’s your favorite sci-fi show/movie? And the results are in.

Of the 4,809 PHP developers surveyed in the Developer Pulse, Star Wars was top dog; followed by (gasp) Avatar; then Star Trek.

Here’s the data:


Previous Developer Pulse results showed beer to be the preferred adult beverage for developers — 29 percent of whom said they “live for it” last year. And in 2011, we learned that Metallica reigned supreme among musical choices. On the flip side, respondents that year showed a strong resistance to Bieber fever as well as a pronounced ambivalence about Lady Gaga.

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr user Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer


Derek Cheng

Ok. They also liked Stargate more than Dr. Who., Aliens, and BSG. PHP isn’t programming though. it’s fancy templates.

Arthur Dent

Of course lazy PHP “developers” prefer Star Wars. Why don’t you poll programmers of a REAL programming language?


When avatar beats star trek, and the matrix doesn’t find a mention its double the bullshit.

Jeremy Richard Homan

When Avatar beats Star Trek, then we know that this study is bullshit and/or people are morons.

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