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4 charts that show the slow but steady progress of electric cars

It’s not all bankruptcies and lost government loans in the world of electric cars. Beneath the headlines about hard times for the companies, there’s a steady trickle of customers buying electric cars, charging stations being built, and at least one electric car company eking out a profit for the first time. The following charts point to some bright spots for electric cars in 2013.

Electric car sales are steadily increasing.

More electric car purchases leads to more public charging stations.

Not all models will succeed. Sales of Nissan’s LEAF, GM’s Volt, Tesla’s Model S:

Tesla, the beacon of the electric car industry, hits an all-time-high stock price.

TSLA Chart


10 Responses to “4 charts that show the slow but steady progress of electric cars”

  1. We received our Model S last month. 800 of the most satisfying miles I’ve ever driven! it is everything that we hoped it would be! And since we offset most of our power bill with our solar panels, charging the Model S is costing us less than $0.02/mi!

  2. Do. Bob Reinke

    We Received our Tesla Model S for Christmas. Fully paid for by buying Tesla stock at the IPO and selling it to pay for the Model S. This car has been the most perfect machine we have owned. It is clean, efficient, rides like a dream, and will blow the doors off anything else on the road. Lesson learned: Don’t judge Tesla until you have driven one!

  3. Thank you Rani
    I hope we all get to enjoy this great new technology, as the sales go up the prices come down.
    Yes I want a Tesla S.

  4. keninca

    Given that the total number of EVs on the road is increasing faster than the rate of petro-powered cars, I would say, yes, the valuation of the EV industry as a whole is increasing. It’s not like no dotcoms went out of business while Google and Amazon and others skyrocketed, so mentioning two EV (and technically, Fisker isn’t an EV, it’s a plug-in hybrid) failures hardly indicts the entire industry, especially when they were poorly managed, and not indicative of the industry itself.

    But even if you want more definitive evidence, given than Tesla’s market valuation has increased by more than the decrease in the two companies you mention, then yes, overall the value of the three companies has increased.

    The EV train has left the station, and it won’t be stopped by people who insist on clinging to obsolete technology.

    • Rani Molla

      Of course Coda filed for bankruptcy and Fisker will likely follow. As for the industry as a whole, the makers of Leaf and Volt (Nissan and Chevy) are both doing better than they were—although it’s difficult to tell whether that has anything to do with their electric car sectors.