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New episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live are airing online

Soap opera fans can rejoice as new episodes of One Life to Live and All My Children start airing online Monday. Two years after ABC (s dis) canceled them, the soaps are coming back to life — but only in digital format, via Hulu and iTunes (s AAPL).

Production company Prospect Park, which licensed the shows from ABC, will run new, 30-minute episodes of each show Monday through Thursday. (Previously, each episode was an hour long and a new one ran each weekday.) On Fridays, there will be a recap of the week. Episodes are available for free streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus, or can be downloaded from iTunes for $0.99 apiece or $9.99 per month (20 episodes). The free version of Hulu will only make the most recent episodes available, while Hulu Plus will have all of them.

The New York Times calculated that, because production costs are lower (due in part to having shorter and fewer episodes) and because ads on Hulu can be targeted, Prospect Park needs 500,000 streaming viewers to break even on the soaps. By contrast, the shows attracted three million viewers on TV. In addition, Variety noted that Prospect Park has the rights to sell the the shows to U.S. cable and broadcast networks starting in September (where, in an interesting twist, they’d be available a week after they air online) and is also distributing them to international television networks.

Even so, some longtime fans of the shows who are not accustomed to online viewing may be confused about how to find new episodes online. (That theory is borne out by many of the user comments on this paidContent post from January.) “We would hope that all [fans of the shows] would call their friends to make sure they watch them,” Prospect Park cofounder Rich Frank told Soap Opera Digest recently. “The way to ensure that this is going to work, because we’re really totally advertiser-supported, [is] that we’ve got to get the eyeballs to be watching this. They’ve done it before; it’s just a matter of rallying the troops and getting them to watch.”

56 Responses to “New episodes of All My Children and One Life to Live are airing online”

  1. Soap Fan 66

    All my kids and OLTL are on Oprahs network OWN!!!! Started a couple weeks ago. Will b on 10 weeks! Watch it!!! Maybe she will keep it on her station if Enough people watch!

  2. Anna Kiser

    They removed it cause of and wanting to put Disney toddler or infant or some cheap like that. I have been watching these shows since I was a lil girl and I think it’s a dam shame that one of the longest running soaps has been canceled. It only got pulled because of abc/Disney because they own it. I think it’s also safe to say the I believe Walt Disney himself would be following in his grave right about now if he knew it was more about money then the smile on a kids face.

  3. You can also get a blu ray player with Hulu plus or roku streaming player plus for about $70.. And $7.99 for the Hulu plus subscription if you don’t want to sit in front of your tv or phone.. Such a good investment or if your children have a Xbox, wii or play station you can get hulu plus on those as well