ICYMI: Amazon’s TV dreams, Chrome OS and Andrew Sullivan


From an examination of Apple’s earnings to what you need to know before buying connected devices to an interesting conversation that includes Maria Popova, Tim Ferris, Andrew Sullivan and Andrew Ross Sorkin, there’s something for just about everyone in this week’s podcast round up.

Apple’s knack, AP hack, and TV’s future track
(Download the New Wrap Up)

What you really need to know before buying connected devices
(Download the Internet of Things show)

Chrome Show Episode 2: WebP vs. JPG and Google Now for Chrome OS
(Download the Chrome Show)

pC LIVE Re-Run: Blogging Elite with Andrew Sullivan, Maria Popova, Andrew Ross-Sorkin and Tim Ferris 
(Download the paidContent show)

Why mobile is vital to the future of retail
(Download the GigaOM Research podcast)

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