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Cord Cutters: Our review of Plair, which promises to be AirPlay for the rest of us

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Plair wants to bring AirPlay-like functionality to any TV, and allow you to beam videos from any Mac, PC or mobile device. Check out our review below:

Show notes for this episode:

Are you interested in a device like Plair? Or are you using any of the other methods to beam content to your TV? Let us know in the comments below, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @ Also, please check out our new Google+ Cord Cutters community!

6 Responses to “Cord Cutters: Our review of Plair, which promises to be AirPlay for the rest of us”

  1. Someone already mentioned Twonky for Roku, but IMO Twonky has limitations as to what it can “AirPlay” to the TV. I find Bleess App to work much better than Twonky on my Roku. The downside is that Bleess is only available for iOS. Those on Android don’t have Bleess as an “AirPlay” alternative for Roku. If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad it works really good. Highly recommended.

  2. anxiously awaiting Samsung device that will allow live streaming from pc to tv…MORE than what is on my hard drive……I “thought” it was mentioned that Samsung would have a release in early April, but no joy? any news/info?

  3. Not sure this really has any market relevance. Been using an Apply TV with both Macs, PCs (using AirParrot) and iOS devices – it works always, can mirror all content, and effectively is pure wireless video, with some enhancements when using iOS devices for full screen output.

    For the same $99 an AppleTV is a much, much better user experience – so good that we’re starting to install them in offices to replaces cables in meeting rooms, and you can also get rid of most of the options from the display as well, which is great in a meeting room environment.

  4. Pasquale

    How does Plair compare to Miracast?
    Miracast v1.0 in the market now seems not to be perfect, but version 2.0 would allow many more features and better battery consumption.