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WWDC sold out in minutes — but ticket-less developers can follow along at home

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If you didn’t have your finger hovering over the “purchase” button for WWDC tickets right at 10 a.m. PT this morning, you probably don’t have a ticket. The tickets to Apple’s annual developers conference in San Francisco sold out in less than five minutes. It’s the fastest the tickets have sold out yet.

The conference runs from June 10 through June 14 this year and the tickets for attendees were not cheap: $1,599. But if you couldn’t afford the tickets or weren’t quick enough, Apple is making the conference a bit more accessible this year.

Instead of waiting weeks after the conference is over, Apple says it will be posting the training session videos online as the conference is going on.

However, as usual, they will be only accessible by registered iOS and Mac developers.

This year Apple says it will let developers start playing around with the next version of iOS and OS X.

4 Responses to “WWDC sold out in minutes — but ticket-less developers can follow along at home”

  1. FredFitnessGuy

    The tickets sold out in 5 minutes because there were very few tickets left. The “Top Tier “developers all were all offer tickets last week. What was sold today was what was left over.

  2. mcmurrym

    I tired to purchase a ticket. The store failed during check out after it was in my cart. I just received a call from Apple saying they have a ticket for me. I’m guessing the system was under too much stress, this probably happend to more people than just me.