Snoop’s new “Reincarnated” app shows off Citia’s expansion of its iOS publishing platform


Rapper Snoop — formerly known as Snoop Dogg, and now going by the name Snoop Lion — has a new iOS (s AAPL) app to promote his latest album, Reincarnated. The app, “Snoop Lion’s Reincarnated: Track Notes,” was developed by creative marketing agency Cashmere and Citia, a New York-based startup that formerly focused on book apps and is now expanding to other forms of media.

The release of Snoop’s new app also marks Citia’s expansion of its offerings from iPad apps only to iPhone and web. The “Reincarnated” app works on Chrome (s GOOG) and Safari, as well as on iOS. A free version of the app is available in the iOS App Store today, and Citia plans to release a premium version of the app that includes interviews with Snoop and other exclusive content this summer.

Citia sees the “Reincarnated” app as a demonstration of the capabilities of its platform. Each app — whether it’s for a book or an album — includes a set of virtual “cards” that users can navigate through quickly. A user can also flip a card with a flick of her finger to see a number of buy links. In the case of the “Reincarnated” app, a user can buy Snoop’s DVD, download the Reincarnated album, or buy Snoop’s “house shoes” or “grindtainers.” (See a video preview below.)

In March, Citia CEO Linda Holliday told me that the company now thinks of its clients as the “new content creators,” whether they’re publishers, artists or something else. “We define them either by their audience or by their point of view, and those two things are flip sides of the same coin,” she said. A book is just “a container,” and “I don’t confuse the container and the contents. We can’t hold the book up as some kind of requirement.”


Alex von Plato

Snoop fans just hit the lottery! Now artists can build a whole new level of connection and transparency with their fans . This app takes the fan experience to entirely new joinable and shareable place.

Pete Meyers

Thanks for the coverage — we’re really proud of this app. Our goal was to give fans different and new ways to enjoy Snoop and his music. Not just behind the scenes accounts from producers & writers (we’ve got lots of that), but also thinking from an editorial design perspective about how to incorporate techniques from other creative disciplines. E.g. why not take some of Snoop’s rich language (“High grade flow through we bloodstream”) and turn those snippets into shareable art — part ad, part movie poster, part typographical design. Overall the idea was to compose something that feels like the kind of liner notes you’d like to look at and play with while listening to the album. -Pete Meyers (Citia, vp editorial)


Liner notes were exactly what I was thinking of when reading this, so mission accomplished. Album jackets and liner notes are a great piece of the music experience that is missing from today’s digital world. I love this idea!

Larry Mickelberg

So cool to see the reinvention of things we take for granted. About time that companion apps like this made it to the 21st Century – what a neat enhancement to Snoop’s overall package!

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