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MightyText moves beyond cloud SMS, starts synching photos to the PC

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MightyText may have the word “text” in its name, but its plans are bigger than just synchronizing SMS between your Android smartphone and PC. On Wednesday it launched a new version of its app that will sync your smartphone’s photos and videos with a PC or Android tablet as well.

Does that sound like Dropbox, Google Drive(s goog), or any of the numerous cloud storage and synchronization services out there? Well, that’s the idea, said MightyText founder Maneesh Arora. MightyText isn’t claiming to be technologically better than any of those services, Arora said, but it is claiming to be more convenient.

While Dropbox may be a profoundly useful service for storing and managing files, people don’t check their Dropbox folders everyday, Arora said. But MightyText’s customers do engage with its browser apps and tablet apps every day, Arora said, using them as desktop extensions of the SMS clients in their smartphones. Since customers are already receiving and sending text messages through MightyText, it’s a logical place to manage and share their smartphones photos and videos as well, Arora concluded.

MightyText Photo sync screenshot

As with similar services, photos and videos aren’t actually shipped to the PC, but stored in the cloud. From MightyText’s browser extensions, customers can view the files, send them off as MMS messages to anyone in the phones address book or generate a private link that customers can share through other messaging formats. The smartphone client can be set so it only uploads files when connected to Wi-Fi – otherwise data fees might get out of control for shutter flies.

Arora said the MightyText plans to add other synchronization capabilities in the future. He didn’t give any specifics, but he said the end goal is recreate as many smartphone capabilities as possible on the desktop. For instance, MightyText recently added a battery meter to its apps so customers can track their phone’s charge from their PCs.

The more immediate goal is to expand its reach. It now has 3 million users, and is developing desktop apps for the PC and Mac(s aapl) for customers, which will allow more people to use its services features, as well as an iPad app.

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