BYOD, the Cloud, and Privacy


There is an interesting article in Network World, about the balance of making your employees happy by allowing them to bring their own gear, and maintaining control of corporate data.  “Employees are questioning the intrusion of corporate eyes on their personal devices.  Did IT turn their beloved smartphone into a spy that tracks their whereabouts?  Employees are beginning to sense companies taking advantage of BYOD by intruding on personal time to get free work time.

The issues is really around the use of mobile device management, MDM.  Or, the ability to place governance around the use of personal devices in the workplace.

While intentions are typically good, to protect the interests of the company, in many instances, polices, practices, and technology may run afoul of privacy laws, or just the sensibility of the employees.  Lawsuits will indeed appear around the alleged misuse of BYOD monitoring.

The appearance of policies, practices, and monitoring technology around the use of BYOD will define how we deal with cloud computing a well.  No matter if we store personal data in iPhones or clouds, many of the same privacy issues are in play.  I suspect that case law will define how we deal with technology, more so than common sense.

Right now, it’s not a bad idea for the Global 2000 to proactively look at the use of this emerging technology.

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