BitTorrent opens up its Dropbox competitor to the public


BitTorrent opened up the alpha test of its Sync app Tuesday, which offers PC-to-PC file syncing powered by P2P technology. Sync was first announced in January, and the company said this week that users have synched over 200 TB of data during three months of private beta testing.

Sync, which is currently available for Windows, (S MSFT) OS X (S AAPL) and Linux, allows users to sync folders between PCs without any limits to file or folder sizes. Folders are encrypted before any transmission, and the app utilizes local network connectivity when syncing two machines within the same network.

Sync is only one of many new apps and services BitTorrent has been testing in recent months, with others including SoShare, an app that allows users to exchange files that would be too large to email, the Facebook (S FB) file sharing app Beam It Over and the live streaming service BitTorrent Live. The company has been highlighting these apps on its BitTorrent Labs site.

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