CDNify launches, based on OnApp’s federated CDN

A month after OnApp launched its CDN-in-a-box package for resellers, here comes an exemplary result: a new, startup-oriented content delivery network (CDN) called CDNify.

CDNs using OnApp’s federation (OnApp also has its own effort here, can tap into the spare capacity of service providers around the world, with more than 150 points of presence (PoPs) theoretically being at their disposal. CDNify is launching with 40 PoPs, and it’s trying to win over customers on price and simplicity, as founder James Mulvany told me:

“We want to have a very low cost of entry, starting with a free account – you can start using it straight away, to play with the system. We’ve got things like nice reporting, good graphs so you can see your usage, decent support and video tutorials.

“The front-end system that customers will use is something we’ve built in-house. It’s fairly simple, although we’ve got lots of exciting features that we’ll be rolling out over the next year. We’re trying to create a very clean experience.”

In terms of price, CDNify charges $0.05/GB/month, which significantly undercuts both Amazon(s amzn) and Rackspace(s rax) ($0.12/GB/month for the first 10TB of traffic). Additionally, Mulvany said, “Amazon charges you for the number of hits you get, whereas we just charge on bandwidth.”

CDNify is privately funded off the back of the founders’ other business, internet radio outfit Wavestreaming — and, as it happens, the launch of that service provided the impetus for CDNify. “We started looking at CDNs and found they were aiming towards the enterprise, the big guys,” Mulvany said. “We decided to build CDNify for people like us: web companies, startups and mobile app developers.”

Mulvany said CDNify expects its initial growth to come from the North American and European markets, although the company is “not targeting any specific region.”

Here’s a video pitch: