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HTC One launch: Available at 2 carriers; web orders for 1; delays for Dev Edition

The HTC One flagship phone is officially available in the U.S., with two carriers selling the handset on Friday. AT&T(s t) and Sprint(s s) both have the One in stores while T-Mobile announced web orders now and in-store availability on April 24. Unfortunately for the most passionate HTC One fans who ordered the unlocked developer edition for $649, those orders are now delayed.

I see this as another small mis-step for HTC and it’s not the first as it pertains to the HTC One; a very important phone to help the company turn around a string of slowing sales and revenues. Last month, the company had to push the phone’s launch back due to component shortages. Instead of the phone arriving in mid-to late-March as planned, we’re now past the middle of April. That’s potentially bad as Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 — a competing flagship phone — is due in customer’s hands within the next two weeks.

HTC One developer editionAs far as the developer edition handset, customers were told to expect their phone by April 19, which is today. Instead of receiving the phone, however, those who ordered got an email from HTC saying the units were delayed and should be in hand by the end of the month. Clearly, HTC knew the phones wouldn’t be arriving on time prior to today.

As I’ve always said, “Good news doesn’t get better with age.” It’s a shame that notifications went out on the day the HTC One developer edition was slated for delivery. And making it worse: The people who would pay $649 for an unlocked HTC One with 64 GB of internal storage are likely the most vocal enthusiasts. These folks could have quickly spread the word on how good the HTC One is; something that the company could use since it doesn’t have the marketing budget of a Samsung or an Apple(s aapl).

If you’re in the mainstream consumer camp and want an HTC One, however, you can still get one today.

AT&T is offering a 32 GB version for $199 with contract ($599 without) or a carrier exclusive 64 GB model for $299 with contract ($649 without). Sprint stores have a 32 GB model for $199 with contract ($549 without) but you can save $100 by porting your number to Sprint from another carrier.

T-Mobile doesn’t have the HTC One in stores yet, but you can order one online today for $99 down and 24 monthly payments of $20 each. In the case of the payment plan T-Mobile drops the $20 monthly hardware charge once the phone is paid off.

6 Responses to “HTC One launch: Available at 2 carriers; web orders for 1; delays for Dev Edition”

  1. The unlocked version is still not available in the UK. And it launched 29 march. HTC diverted most stock to carriers. I pre order 32gb silver unlocked 21st march and still waiting. Good luck getting a black 64gb they don’t exist.

  2. Isn’t this great! Batteries that cannot be removed by the user (“embedded” or “built-in”)?

    For iPhone 5, a memory card that is limited to whatever one is charged when the order is placed? $100 to “upgrade” from 16GB to 32GB or $200 to upgrade to 64GB, either at time of order.

    How is the iPhone 5 charged? Proprietary connection, so someone who has been on TMO will have to buy new charging devices (with Lightning?).

    I’ll keep my Sensation until I HAVE to replace it.

    • Raj Seshadri

      The battery issue has been solved for a long time. Get a mophie external battery-case (or any of the hundreds of similar cases), or get an external battery-charger.

      Plus you can reuse all your old USB bricks, just a new cable.

  3. Mine just arrived and is charging. Initial impression is positive. Would have preferred the 64GB version, but no amount of storage would get me to return to the carrier who must not be named.

  4. Craig Campbell

    I had great fun with TMO this morning. The order page was broken for a while for existing customers trying to upgrade (phone showed out of stock and could not be added to cart). Finally, TMO fixed that, and I was able to add to cart. The cart failed to update the first time, so I went through the whole thing again. After filling in all my details, and choosing full price, I clicked submit and was told “could not process your order.” So far, so awesome. A few minutes later, sure enough, my bank calls, questioning the charge. I was able to tell them it was valid, and afterwards I called TMO customer service, who told me the payment and order went through successfully, and gave me an order number.
    I have no order or shipping confirmation email from TMO though, but I’m hoping the order number means I’m good…. The order page promised delivery Monday 4/22 with the expedited shipping. We’ll see.

    Like I need another phone…….