A lesson from the blogging elite: there are many ways to the top


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Andrew Sullivan

Andrew Ross Sorkin

Maria Popova

Tim Ferriss

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Paraphrase kiss, you want celebs, we got celebs. If we have Lessons from the Blogging Elite, it’s going to be a discussion moderated by Ernie Sander. He’s the Executive Editor of GigaOM and paidContent, and he’s going to be talking with Tim Ferriss, the author of the 4-Hour series books; Maria Popova, the founder of Brain Pickings; Andrew Ross Sorkin, columnist for the New York Times, founder and editor-at-large at DealBook and Host, Squawk Box, CNBC; and Andrew Sullivan, editor of The Dish. Please welcome, Lessons from the Blogging Elite.


Who Cares

Hello, where can I see the video? The hyperlinked word “PaidContent Live’ leads to some strange and confusing site simply I have no desire to stay around – unless I want to make myself frustrated, as I am now.

Mark Horner

I found this conversation to be excellent. And when it ended a bit abruptly, I was disappointed as it felt like the discussion was still warming-up and destined to reveal additional golden nuggets of helpful information.

Andrew Sullivan’s point about health and balance is no joke. And if he did die from causes related to “over blogging” (certainly hope he doesn’t), I don’t think he’d be the first to do so. I seem to recall a story a few years back about two men who often blogged nearly around-the-clock, then died while still in their mid-life years.

Lisa Cash Hanson

Love Tim Ferriss He also seems like a very cool guy. Darren Rowes is really amazing too next time you should add him. Plus he’s also about the nicest guy on the planet.


Don’t get me wrong, Ernie – we need more of what you’re doing, I can only give my humble blessing to panels of this form. It was a little unkind of me to only point out what was missing, and for that I apologize. The title just had me all excited about reading about bloggers.


I wish a panel like this included the likes of Jason Kottke, and perhaps more importantly – John Gruber. Except for Popova, the list is made up from journalists turned bloggers (meaning that they already had followers through conventional mediums) and one “marketing guru”.

We need more insight from independent online (content) publishers.

Ernie Sander

Thanks for the comment, SK. The thinking behind having these particular panelists was to try to put together a group that creates content on a variety of platforms (web, TV, books, etc) and also who (as a group anyways) can talk about being solo vs. working under the umbrella of a bigger organization. But your point is a good one — it would have been interesting to hear from another really successful pure-play indie content publisher.

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