Evernote announces accelerator program to begin this fall

Evernote is launching an accelerator program for companies that want to build products using the Evernote platform. Beginning in October, teams that are accepted for Evernote Accelerator will participate in a month-long mentorship program at Evernote’s headquarters.

The program’s first class members will be selected from among the participants in Evernote Devcup 2013, which started March 10 and runs through June 29 in San Francisco. Rafe Needleman, Evernote’s platform advocate and a former tech journalist, is leading Evernote Accelerator.

Honda Silicon Valley Lab and DOCOMO Innovation Ventures are partnering with Evernote on the Devcup and accelerator programs. Honda Silicon Valley Lab is sponsoring a “transportation-focused prize… for the best enhancements to the in-vehicle experience,” while DOCOMO is sponsoring a “Mobile Magic Award.”

Evernote Trunk contains dozens of Evernote-related products, including those developed for Evernote Devcup 2012. The winner last year was an iOS (s AAPL) app called EverClip, which lets users save items from their iPhones and iPads to Evernote.