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Super-size me: Samsung Mega phone tops 6 inches in size

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Confirming leaks and rumors from last month, Samsung officially introduced two new Android(s goog) smartphones on Thursday, the Galaxy Mega 5.8 and Galaxy Mega 6.3. The Galaxy brand tells you they’re going to look like most other Galaxy phones and the numbers actually indicate the screen sizes. I guess Samsung didn’t read how some people are leaving Android because the phones are getting too large!

Both devices share design cues with the new Samsung Galaxy S 4, so most of the differences are on the inside. Here’s a quick rundown of the specs on each:

The Galaxy Mega 5.8 uses a 960 x 540 display, 1.4 GHz dual-core chip, 8 GB of internal storage expandable up to another 64 GB, 1.5 GB of memory, a 2600 mAh battery and the typical assortment of wireless connectivity. Samsung’s Galaxy Mega 6.3 bumps the display to 720p resolution, uses a 1.7 GHz dual-core chip, 8 or 16 GB of internal storage plus the microSD slot, 1.5 GB of memory and a 3200 mAh battery. It also adds NFC and support for 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi, which the Mega 5.8 doesn’t have.

Galaxy Mega 6.3

At this point, there are few screen sizes Samsung’s Galaxy brand doesn’t have covered. And while some disagree with the strategy of similar smartphones in a dizzying array of sizes, I can understand Samsung’s approach.

One of the appeals of the Android market as a whole is the choice of phone design and size. Samsung is not only taking over Android with its own TouchWiz interface, software and stores, but it mimics one of the best qualities of Android: a phone in the size that fits you best.

12 Responses to “Super-size me: Samsung Mega phone tops 6 inches in size”

  1. Resolution Sucks.. Whats the point of making a larger screen and giving it a low resolution screen. Heck the S4 has a 1080P 5″ screen, yet they give the larger screens lower resolution. Makes absolutely no sense.

  2. The Asus Fonepad will likely be cheaper but I prefer the size and ergonomics of these. Look at it this way- even if you don’t put a sim card in it you at least have a compact tablet that can make emergency calls. The resolution and battery sizes give me some pause. Neither my SGP 5.0 nor AT&T Note 1 (both with 2500 mah batteries, though I have an Anker 2700 in the Note that’s slightly better) really have good battery lives. The SGP also has an 800×480 resolution; Netflix looks fine but most other things are a little bleh. The 5.8 Mega looks like it’ll be proportionate I’m that regard.

  3. Fernando

    I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 with 3G that works great as a tablet and can work as a phone as well when needed. The pen hardware and software implementation makes for a nice fully integrated device. Samsung is innovating and deserves kudos for it. I wish we could see more of this from Apple, Nokia, HTC and other manufacturers as well.

  4. What is wrong with Samsung? I think they have 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4…. 5.4, 5.5, 5.6…. 6.3 inch phones. :)
    What for the NOTE series for?

    It is releasing all its prototypes, it seems. :)

  5. Shawn Joseph

    I have been waiting for something like the Mega 6.3 for quite some time. I would love to have both a 7″ tablet and a “regular” size smartphone, but with 5 kids on a single income my slush fund is dried up :). Although I would prefer something with more horsepower, it does have the same processor as the Nexus 10 if I recall correctly.

    My question is, what in the world do you think they will do with a Galaxy Note III now that they have already unveiled a 5.8″ and 6.3″ screen?

    • The Note series has a key differentiator over the Galaxy phone line: the digitizer and stylus for inking. So I don’t see much else that Samsung will make different in the Note 3, although I’d love to be surprised! ;)