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Netflix users watched more than four billion hours of video in Q1

Looks as if House of Cards is starting to have an impact: Netflix (s NFLX) members watched more than four billion hours of video during the first three months of 2013, according to the company’s CEO Reed Hastings, who took to Facebook to publish the milestone Thursday. Here’s Hastings’ post in its entirety:

“House of Cards fav quote: ‘look at the bigger picture.’ Over the last three months, you all watched over 4 billion hours on Netflix. Next up, some real monsters from Eli Roth…”

Hastings has in the past occasionally taken to Facebook (S FB)  to reveal milestones like these. Most recently, he touted more than one billion hours streamed per month last July. However, that post got him in trouble with the S.E.C., with regulators investigating whether the CEO of a public company can release data like this on Facebook. In the end, the S.E.C. gave in, clearing the path for Hastings to drop further milestones on the social network.

7 Responses to “Netflix users watched more than four billion hours of video in Q1”

  1. Martin Focazio

    You know, it’s a shame the way you’re forced to watch shows like House of Cards by the government. If only there was some way to not watch programming you don’t like, or even to select another kind of programming. That said, I seem to have missed the gay sex scenes during my mandated forced viewing of House of Cards, Perhaps scenes like that are something you’re more attuned to for some reason?

  2. Jim Peters

    And why does Netflix have to add graphic sex and foul language to series such as House of Cards. This is another attempt to destroy our culture, debase it and move us into a depraved society where homosexuality, graphic sex and foul language become the norm. Shame on you Netflix.

  3. Reblogged this on Mark Blackmon and commented:
    If you’re wondering what your direct competition is for whatever it is that you are providing — here’s your answer. AND, the networks seem to be blindly following their old ways and using old methodologies are keep wondering why their audience shares are down so catastrophically!

  4. Earl Lee Popp

    Janko, what do you think the impact to Netflix was from Hastings’ ill-advised moves a couple of years ago to split off Netflix into Qwikster, and then his reversal and cancellation of that decision? Has their revenue picture fully recovered from that disaster?