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Roku sells five million players in the U.S.

Roku has sold a total of five million players in the U.S. since launching the first Roku box in 2008, the company announced Wednesday. Roku CEO Anthony Wood also said in a blog post that the company’s devices have delivered a total of 8 billion streams so far, and that one out of four Roku players now streams more than 35 hours to TVs — a pretty impressive number, but one that also includes music consumption. The  average U.S. consumer watches 33 hours of traditional TV a week, according to Nielsen.

Wood told me in early 2012 that his company had sold 2.5 million players by the end of 2011, which was below its own forecast. It looks like sales have picked up since then, with Roku customers buying another 2.5 million players in just 16 months. Just as a frame of reference: Apple (s AAPL) sold two million Apple TVs during last year’s holiday quarter, and has sold more than 10 million total since the device was introduced.

Roku has invested heavily in advertising for its products to keep up with the market leader, and has raised around $67 million to finance its ad blitz.

The company has also made advancements to its product line: Roku recently launched its 3rd generation Roku player, and the company also started to partner with TV makers to bundle its MHL-based Roku stick with TV sets that don’t use an integrated smart TV platform.

Take a look at our Roku 3 review below:

This story was updated at 10:36 am to clarify that the 35 hours of weekly streaming that occurs on 1 in 4 Roku players includes music, and not just video.

6 Responses to “Roku sells five million players in the U.S.”

  1. Paul Rice

    Uverse, Cable TV, Dish TV, The words getting out you guys going to be out of business in Five years.
    Football, basketball, And baseball Are going to lose their multimillion dollar contracts. I just will not support the system anymore.

  2. Muzza-Ndugu Muzza

    Roku products are great and Roku 3 even rocks. If you don’t have it, you are missing out on great experiences ;-) We bought one at a very good price from this website store for a very good price and free shipping but i don’t know if they still have Roku 3 in their store. The Video tutorial on how to use Roku 3 was great too.

    • Likewise! The one I ordered was delivered just yesterday, and as soon as I receive HDMI cables from Monoprice it should be ready to go.

      As a cord-cutter, I can’t wait to hook it up. And to see how Aereo streams on a big display.