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GE and Startup Health debut first class of consumer ‘health transformers’

A sensor-based system for making sure doctors keep their hands clean, a cloud-based platform for the on-demand exchange of medical images and a mobile early warning system for elderly patients — if you’re not familiar with the startups behind those technologies now, GE’s hoping you will be soon.

Three months after launching a new program for consumer health tech companies with New York-based Startup Health, the company on Thursday announced its picks for its inaugural class. The 13 selected startups, which were culled from an applicant pool of more than 400, don’t receive funding from the program, as they might from traditional startup incubators. Instead, the program, which is supported by GE’s Healthymagination Fund, chose companies that have already raised some funding and are looking for support taking their businesses to the next level.

In exchange for giving up 2 to 10 percent equity ownership (which is split by GE and Startup Health and varies depending on the needs of the company), the companies receive three years of mentorship, training and other support from the two groups.

Backed by former Time Warner CEO Jerry Levin, Startup Health was launched with a goal of growing 1,000 startups over the next decade. Since 2011, it’s selected two classes of health tech startups targeting consumers, enterprises and other health care stakeholders.

For GE, the program is a way to keep a close watch on new developments in digital health and spot potentially big opportunities early on. And it comes on the heels of another corporation-backed health startup program — Nike’s TechStars-powered accelerator.

Here are the 13 companies:

Double HelixArpeggi – Nir Leibovich, Jason Wang, David Mittelman, PhD
Austin, TX

With a background in big data and analytics, Arpeggi’s founders want to make the high-speed analysis of genomic sequencing data easier and more affordable.

Aver Informatics – Kurt Brenkus
Green Bay, WI

As health organizations amass more and more data, Aver aims to provide a web-based platform for gleaning valuable insights from enterprise data.

Care at Hand – Andrey Ostrovsky, MD and Jeffrey Levy
Boston, MA

A graduate of health startup accelerator Rock Health, Care at Hand is a mobile system that helps non-clinical home care workers monitor and communicate the health of elderly patients.

elderlyCaremerge – Asif Khan, Michael Davolt and Fahad Aziz
Chicago, IL

Targeting senior living communities, Caremerge offers a set of web and mobile apps for the communication, care coordination and workflow management.

Cerora – Adam Simon
Philadelphia, PA

Cerora delivers diagnostic information related to brain health to patients, physicians and companies with a goal of helping health care workers effectively diagnose and manage concussions and Alzheimer’s disease. – Andrei Zimiles
New York, NY

Claiming a database of more than 2.5 million healthcare providers, enables patients to discover and compare providers, book appointments and leave and read doctor reviews.

gethealthGetHealth – Chris Rooney and Liam Ryan

Dublin, Ireland and New York, NY

GetHealth is a mobile and web-based platform for increasing employee engagement in the workplace through fitness challenges, social support and other engagement features.

GoGoHealth – Natasha Alexeeva and Kwaku Ampromfi
Atlanta, GA

GogoHealth is an online and mobile platform for enabling patients to report minor ailments to care providers and then receive guidance and prescriptions online.

IntelligentM – Seth Freedman
Sarasota, FL and New York, NY

One of the companies in New York-based health accelerator Blueprint Health’s latest class, IntelligentM is a sensor-based monitoring system for making sure healthcare providers wash their hands. By maintaining clinical hygiene standards, the startup aims to drive down infection rates and improve patient outcomes and provider costs.

itmeditMD – Halland Chen, MD
Miami, FL

itMD provides a cloud-based service that enables patients, doctors and imaging facilities more easily exchange medical images.

Oxitone Medical – Leon Eisen, PhD
Ashkelon, Israel

Oxitone says it has developed the first wrist pulse oximeter without a fingertip probe, which enables a more comfortable way to continuously and remotely monitor a patient’s blood oxygen level, pulse rate and other cardiac activity.

TalkSession – Melissa Thompson
New York, NY

TalkSession is an online platform that helps patients find mental health professionals and enables those professionals access tools for improving the quality of care.

WalkJoy – Blain Tomlinson
Long Beach, CA

WalkJoy offers a device worn just below the knee that helps people with peripheral neuropathy and the elderly restore their balance and gait and reduce falls.

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  1. dave md/phd

    very cool to see continued platforms for growth and development of innovative ideas in health IT. Incorporation of non-clinical caregivers into a direct information loop with providers by Care at Hand is a particularly useful idea in an era of increasing patient to doctor ratios. Not sure I understand the appeal of “” (other than the great domain name) for a site that appears to primarily an unverified and unaccountable doctor review site – personal health records and “patient portals” tied to electronic medical records seem to be a much more secure, trusted, and useful tool for the same purpose.