Samsung’s reported Galaxy Mega to be a 6.3-inch smartphone

How large can Samsung phones get? Bigger than 6-inches diagonally if SamMobile’s sources are correct. The site has a fairly good track record of sharing Samsung’s inner workings before the company itself does and on Tuesday it reported that two large new Galaxy phones are in the works.

Over the air digital TV on Galaxy Note 2Both will reportedly be part of the Samsung Galaxy Mega brand: one with a 5.8-inch display and the other with a 6.3-inch screen. Up to now, Samsung’s largest smartphone is the Galaxy Note 2. I purchased one of these devices because I like the 5.5-inch display; it provides ample room to run two mobile apps on the screen at the same time. The new Samsung Galaxy S 4 can do the same on its 5-inch screen.

So how likely is it that Samsung is going large with a Galaxy Mega line? I’d put the odds at better than 75 percent for a few reasons.

First, the company is already taking advantage of larger screen sizes with custom Android(s goog) software such as the multi-app feature. Second, it now has full HD resolution on its phones: The Galaxy S 4 screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 with a whopping 441 pixels per inch.

It’s more likely that screens will increase in size to take advantage of the very high pixel density long before we see another jump in mobile screen resolution. And I don’t think its a coincidence that the Galaxy Note 3 was previously rumored to be 6.3-inches in size.

If SamMobile is correct, we may not have a long wait for these two smartphones that are borderline tablets: Both are expected by mid-2013, which is just three short months away.