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CloudMunch aims to automate devops, continuous integration — the whole shebang

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Many developers like to cobble together their own software-development-test-and-deployment platform(s) to take their code from inception to adoption.  Give them a Github account, a Jenkins server for continuous integration and their tool set of choice and they’re happy. But CloudMunch, a Seattle-based startup is banking that many developers would be perfectly  happy to pay for a service that integrates and manages all of that for them so they can just — well just build software.

Cloudmunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu
Cloudmunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu

CloudMunch portrays its offering as a “full stack continuous delivery” system that handles continuous integration, automated testing and continuous deployment. It supports both Github and Opscode Chef. Users can sign in with their Github ID to start what it now promises will be an integrated process to take their code from cradle to end user device.

This is part of the whole trend toward “democratizing” pieces of IT so that developers can develop what they want without having to wrestle with the set up and maintenance and updates of their tools.

“This illustrates the rather sexy notion of continuous development and delivery of code,” said Bryan Hale, VP of online services for Opscode.

Right now developers at smaller companies probably look at things like Werker which won GigaOM’s Launchpad Europe competition, Electric Cloud, CloudBees, CircleCI and Atlassian Bamboo to attack the continuous integration part of this problem. Larger companies might look at Nolio or legacy offerings from BMC and IBM for deployment and release automation.

CloudMunch CEO Pradeep Prabhu acknowledges all of that competition, but maintains that his platform puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.  And, he notes, for $25  per month for one code repo and five nodes, CloudMunch lets developers focus just on their code by providing a “complete continuous delivery platform hosted, managed and maintained.”

If it’s as easy as advertised, that could be a compelling story.

7 Responses to “CloudMunch aims to automate devops, continuous integration — the whole shebang”

  1. Its not that we “like to cobble together their own software-development-test-and-deployment platform(s)”, it is all we can afford either on our own our IT budget.

  2. Mr. Pradeep Prabhu,

    Sir, isn’t your Android version of Cardmunch, well “overdue”? Is this LinkedIn’s doing? The failure of an Android version of Cardmunch to appear has developed the appearance of petty Silicon Valley politics, as surely there could be no major technical rock, and the market logic of an Android version is beyond compelling. Talk of “democratization” in this article is disingenuous.