Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken & Co. start streaming on Netflix


ATHF fans, take notice: Netflix (s NFLX) added a number of shows from Adult Swim and Cartoon Network to its catalog this past weekend, including the first seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken and the Venture Bros. Newly added titles also include Cartoon Network hits like Ben 10 and Justice League Unlimited.

The catalog additions are part of a number of deals Netflix struck in January with Warner Bros. and Turner, which will also bring TV shows like the remake of Dallas, Fringe and the Following to the service.

It further underscores how important TV has become to Netflix, where subscribers often binge on entire past seasons of their favorite shows. And Adult Swim’s edgier fare should bode well with the same crowd that will flock to Netflix once the company brings the cult classic Arrested Development back to life in May.



I watched Robot Chicken, totally awesome, but it ends saying they didn’t get renewed. I just discovered that they did get renewed, there’s like 6 seasons of Robot Chicken. Netflix needs to stream the other seasons! Come on Netflix, I gots to haves my Robot Chickens…


Just looked at Venture Bros and only season one is streaming. ARGH! My wife controls the DVD queue.

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