Rackspace cozies up to developers with Exceptional Tool Services acquisition

Rackspace(S rax) says it’s making its cloud more developer-friendly with its acquisition of Exceptional Tool Services, a provider of error tracking and Redis To Go.

The buyout, terms of which were not disclosed, will help Rackspace better serve developers who want to easily set up and tear down their test-and-dev environments without sweating the details, according to a company executive.

“We built out our infrastructure for system administrators to begin with ¬†— and sys admins are comfortable setting up their own email servers, databases and hardware while developers would prefer to talk to an API and launch MySQL as a service,” said Bret Piatt, director of corporate strategy and development for San Antonio-based Rackspace.

“Developers like their technologies to be delivered as a service,” he added.

San Francisco-based Exceptional offers Exceptional.io, which tracks errors in web applications and reports errors back in real time; Airbrake.io, which does the same for other applications; and Redis To Go, which makes it simpler to manage instances of the popular Redis key value store.

This deal comes a month after Rackspace bought ObjectRocket for its MongoDB-as-a-service expertise,  another hot button for developers.