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500 Startups announces Parker Thompson as partner, has plans for SF office

A new partner will be joining 500 Startups, the startup accelerator plans to announce Thursday. The group is also announcing its new offices in New York, and that it has one planned for San Francisco in the future.

Parker Thompson, who was previously the director of business development for Pivotal Labs, will be joining Dave McClure’s startup accelerator and investment firm. 500 Startups wrote in a press release how Thompson’s new role will fit with the group:

“We’re also pumped to announce Parker Thompson as the latest addition to the our team. He’ll work with our accelerator program while also helping us grow our presence in the San Francisco startup scene. He comes to 500 from Pivotal Labs, where he built dozens of startup products and helped grow the team from 10 to 150 before the company was acquired in 2012 by EMC. Parker also co­founded a location-­based social networking company pre­-smartphone, and worked at Internet Archive on big data problems before the term even existed. Basically, he was working in tech before it was cool.”

Existing 500 Startups employee George Kellerman will also be promoted to partner at 500 Startups, and partner Paul Singh is now founder and CEO at, although he will continue to work as a partner as he did before.

Dave McClure’s 500 Startups has always had an international focus, and debuted its most recent batch of companies back in February.

The accelerator is also officially announcing that it has opened a New York office, and has plans for one in San Francisco (the group is currently located down in Mountain View.) The addition of a San Francisco office is interesting in light of the recent trend among some internet companies like Airbnb and Pinterest moving up to the city.

To continue our east coast takeover and support #500Strong NYC­based startups, we’ve opened an office in Manhattan’s historic Flatiron district. In addition to providing space for our startups (and 500 Venture Partner Shai Goldman), we’ll use the space to host meetups, tech talks, and (of course) parties. To get some hipster cred back on the West Coast, we plan on opening a San Francisco office sometime within the next year. We’ll have more on that when it happens.”

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