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Tidemark beefs up visualizations with infographics instead of bar charts and line graphs

Tidemark is putting a fresh spin on its cloud-based enterprise performance management applications with infographic-like visualizations of financial planning data, showing that the consumerization trend popular with IT is fit for finance and operations staffers, too.

Sidestepping static dashboards, Tidemark’s shareable Storylines feature lends itself to adoption by people beyond the chief financial officer, according to company founder and CEO, Christian Gheorghe. The idea was born a few months ago, Gheorghe said.

He was “frustrated with the fact that we have had all these years to understand businesses better with all kinds of analytical tools, and yet most people can create a fantasy football pool to see (who can) win faster than they can understand how their company is doing from a performance perspective,” he said. The result — infographic formats based around company health, workforce, profitability and other areas — is a “home experience brought to work, not the other way around,” Gheorghe said.

Tidemark takes less time to implement than legacy offerings from IBM (s ibm) and Oracle (s orcl) — 90 days instead of six to nine months, Gheorghe said. Tidemark, which has raised $35 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners, among others, competes for marketshare in the cloud enterprise performance management space alongside Adaptive Planning, Anaplan and Host Analytics. Whether infographics are the best means or not, the appealing presentation calls to mind the cool visualizations more common in business intelligence, and Tidemark’s competitors might have to come up with their own answers to keep up.

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