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Demandbase nets $15M to build out its B2B marketing database and sell it better

Demandbase, the B2B marketing service that pulls information about your business affiliation from your IP address and other cues, now has $15 million more in funding.

Scale Venture Partners led the round. Existing investors include Sigma PartnersAltos Ventures, Costanoa Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures and Adobe Systems, which is also a Demandbase customer. Total funding for the seven-year-old company now stands at $44 million.

Demandbase CEO Chris Golec
Demandbase CEO Chris Golec

The San Francisco-based company will use the new money to build out its treasure trove database worldwide, add more sales and marketing muscle, and create new products and features.

GigaOM Pro analyst David Card is impressed with Demandbase. “They’re building a database that translates IP addresses into companies so that you could present content or offers based on who the user likely worked for (which is probably more useful in most B2B situations than recent behavioral tracking or guessing at their demographics),” he said. “They claim to use signals other than IP address, too, and they claim what you can get from the registries isn’t timely.”

The company competes with companies like Neustar or Quova, which also use IP targeting; Bizo, which works in advertising technology by analyzing cookie information; and Gravity, which does personalized marketing. Demandbase would argue that it combines much of this into one service — and it doesn’t use cookies.

Customers include a list of tech players including Dell(s dell), Cisco/Webex(s csco),HP/Arcsight(s hpq) Informatica(s infa)and NetApp(s ntap).