Dachis Group announces Dell CMO to join as president


Erin Mulligan Nelson, the former chief marketing officer at Dell, is joining Dachis Group, the social marketing analytics firm, as president. Jeff Dachis is continuing on as CEO.

Dachis recently raised a series C round of $7.5 million, bringing the investment in the company to a total of $58.5 million.

The additional of a president with C-level experience at a publicly traded company, and with experience in going public — Nelson was CMO of Bazaarvoice in 2012 when it went through a successful IPO — makes it seem like the plan for Dachis Group is an IPO. Considering how recent the series C was, Nelson’s assuming the role might have been part of the plan behind the funding.

My bet is that Jeff Dachis will become the chairman of the board and Nelson will become CEO in less than a year, as long as she and the Dachis team can meet their sales objectives.


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