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Call in podcast: T-Mobile iPhone and the best Android keyboard

It’s another edition of the weekly call-in show where we answer your tech questions. We start off the show with the big news that T-Mobile finally has its own iPhone(s aapl) and LTE network. Then we get right into your questions about another CDMA Nexus phone, Chromebook tips, and what’s the best keyboard for Android(s goog)?

To be a part of the show, just call in and leave a voicemail at 262-KCTOFEL. If you do, we’ll play back the question on the show and answer it. Or you can tweet me at @kevinctofel on Twitter. Each week, I’ll answer as many questions as I can while keeping the podcast to a manageable amount of time: 20 to 30 minutes at most.

Show notes:
Hosts: Kevin Fitchard and Kevin C. Tofel

  • What are the chances of Verizon(s vz)(s vod) getting another Nexus phone?
  • Can any Chromebook or Chromebox run the crouton scripts for Linux?
  • Why would anyone wait for the phone to ‘arrive’ at T-mobile when there’s already an unlocked GSM model?
  • What’s the best keyboard for Android?

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4 Responses to “Call in podcast: T-Mobile iPhone and the best Android keyboard”

  1. the total cost of these financed phones is in at least some case less than the full price. i find this an insult to people who pay full price upfront, why should someone asking for interest free credit also save $70($100+(24×20)=$580 versus $649) versus someone who pays upfront? hopefully t-mobile will offer some sort of ‘cash discount’ or they they still want to lock us into a long term ‘billing agreement’

    i normally would never purchase anything on credit instead of upfront but how could i justify paying an extra $70?

    also will t-mobile sell phones with financing to non customers? these deals would be very interesting to MVNO customers such as simple mobile, NET10 and straightalk.

    • Kevin Fitchard

      Actually I think if you buy from T-Mobile, you will have access to their lower rate. T-Mo CMO Sievert said you can accelerate your payments without penalty. So plunk down $100 up front, and on your next bill pay the remaining $480.

      We’re looking into this a bit more. And will update when we learn more.