Survey: Tell us your thoughts on the future of the smart watch


Wearable computing continues its trek towards the mainstream. Smart watches, in particular, are generating many a headline these days. Apple and Samsung are battling for dominance, Google is rumored to be making one, and the Pebble watch is already a hot item on the market. With that in mind, we invite GigaOM readers to fill out the questions below and share their thoughts on whether they would buy a watch, which features they want, and who will ultimately rule this space.


Steve Karam

Great survey, I really look forward to seeing the results. I wrote an article on Wearable Computing (with Pebble as the first item) and its implications in personal data collection. I think a Smart Watch will be outstanding for consumer use, but is a key first step in data collection on human habits.

For instance, if we combined Pebble (or some other company’s) sensor capabilities with the tech of Jawbone UP or Fitbit Flex, or the Myo armband, or other up and coming tech we could gather information about a wide variety of habits, actions, and traits of different people and how they interact with the world. Data pulled from these devices can give us better smartphone touch screens, better peripherals, rethink how we use automobiles or other important hand-eye coordinated machinery, etc.

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