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SF Chronicle puts premium content, including columnists, behind a paywall

The San Francisco Chronicle announced over the weekend that it’s launched a new subscription site, Much of the newspaper’s premium content — including columnists, editorials and op-eds, and arts and leisure coverage — will now only be available to paying subscribers., which focuses on “what’s happening today,” will remain free.

Subscribers to the print edition of the Chronicle will get access to for free. Otherwise, an “Ultimate Access” digital subscription — which also includes access to the Chronicle iPad (s AAPL) app and Kindle (s AMZN) edition — is $12 per month. is built using responsive design, meaning it can be read on any device.

Chronicle president Mark Adkins listed the content going behind the paywall:

Subscribers also will have full access to The Chronicle’s most enduring legacy – its columnists. The list of premium content goes on, including The Chronicle’s award-winning coverage of sports and the outdoors, arts and cultural events, pop music and entertainment, architecture and urban design, the environment and climate change, business and technology, food and wine, health and fitness, politics and government, and editorials and opinion pieces.

The announcement of the paywall itself was originally behind the paywall, Jim Romenesko noted, but it can now be read for free.

The Chronicle is owned by Hearst. Last November, the Houston Chronicle became the first Hearst-owned paper to enact a paywall.

4 Responses to “SF Chronicle puts premium content, including columnists, behind a paywall”

  1. hundoman

    The SFGate is such a fluff paper with no real content and 2/3rds of the paper is run with AP articles.

    The business section is basically none existent so it begs the question who would pay for anything but for access to the the historical content?

  2. Andrew Duffy

    I like this strategy of “splitting” the site into two sections. Seems like a viable alternative to a porous paywall. Will absolutely everything on be walled off, or will there be the occasional freebie as well?