Samsung’s ATIV Windows 8 Smart PC Pro 700 slate now includes integrated LTE


Microsoft’s(s msft) Surface Pro doesn’t yet come with integrated mobile broadband, so if that’s what you’re after, Samsung’s Windows 8 tablet might be worth a look. The company announced Monday that it has a new model of its Windows 8 slate, the ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T, which comes with a built-in LTE radio. The 11.6-inch tablet with docking keyboard can roam around the country on AT&T’s(s t) LTE network when Wi-Fi can’t be found.

ATIV 700 on AT&TThe connectivity comes at a cost though: Samsung’s retail price for this particular model is $1,599. Hopefully, that’s just a suggested price because the non-LTE version of the slate lists for $1,199.99 and can be had for slightly less online. Connectivity is certainly valuable — especially when there’s none to be found — but a $400 premium seems a bit excessive.

Aside from the integrated mobile broadband radio, I see no other differences in this tablet and the non-LTE model.

It runs on Intel’s(s intc) Core i5-3317U processor with Intel 4000 graphics, includes 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of flash storage memory, and comes with Microsoft Windows 8. The 11.6-inch touchscreen provides 1920 x 1080 resolution and attaches to a full keyboard dock for laptop use. Samsung estimates the the 1.98 pound tablet to run for up to 8 hours on a single charge.


Yati Ahmad

I am very happy with my unit so far. It works well with windows 8 and I just love the flexibility of using it as a full PC as well as a tablet…:)

Geek Revealed

This tablet a piece of junk. I owned the non LTE version for a week before I exchanged it with my sister. Its keyboard dock and Wacom digitizer has some issues, the fan produced a continuous and loud sound, after using for 2-3 hrs it got hot.


Kevin, do you know if this model comes with a pen (Wacom or other)? The Ativ500T (Atom processor) LTE model does not have a digitizer (only capacitive touch) while the non-LTE model does. I found that weird since I am looking for an LTE-enabled slate with a digitizer and pen.

Kevin C. Tofel

Fernando, IIRC, this model comes with Samsung’s S-Pen but I don’t see any mention of a digitizer in the specs. I suspect there is one, but I recommend finding a unit at a retailer to double check.


You know I’ve got a Surface Pro in house right now for testing, and short of hijacking the thread here, I have to admit the experience sucks. The quirks with Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 are irritating enough (runarounds just to get VOB playback working and a start button on the desktop). But when standard x86 software expects to see a keyboard there and it isn’t (because the on-screen keyboard fails to pop up when using a full-screen program for example) that totally defeats the purpose of the tablet form factor and touch UI. And I think if these really were “pro” devices they would have not one, but at minimum 2 and ideally 3 USB ports on them with a full-size SD slot – the real-estate is there!

You can cut some slack for MS calling the Surface Pro a first-gen device, but the fact that a $400 netbook still beats $900 worth of bleeding edge tablet for connectivity and proper software support highlights a glaring flaw. It’s just not enough pushing out a touch-optimized OS when the software running on that OS never will be. And hardware needed for that software comes up short.

So yes, I’ve got good reason to stick with my N570 Windows 7 netbook in 2013, while the rest of the tech world is living a nightmare of the tail (Apple) wagging the dog (Ballmer et al).

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